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~Teach skills, techniques & reinforcement designed specifically for your dog,

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Nicole Poliseno

Owner/Dog Trainer

I absolutely love what I do and I am so blessed to be able to do it. TRAIN DOGS. I know humans and dogs can live together in harmony. My job is to teach you to understand your dog and his actions.  Together, we will train him to be a well behaved, balanced, happy dog that is a part of your family.

I am a balance trainer which simply means the type of approach I use to train and modify your dogs behavior.  

  • I will assess your dog (take into consideration the breed, characteristics and temperament
  • I will assess your lifestyle (active, moderate, low level)
  • I will assess  your concerns ( what exactly are the issues you were having with your dog) 

I will then create a program with the best style of training for you and your dog to succeed and live a happy healthy life together.  BETTER TOGETHER.


Hear What

People Are Saying

  • "Nicole is an excellent trainer. Had trainers previously for Shakira with no results. I was becoming very frustrated . Nicole focuses on the individual dog and has taught me how to train my dog. Shakira has shown great improvement in her behavior. Both Shakira and I say Thanks!"


  • "We had gotten a 4 month old pit bull and his name is Diesel. We already had 2 Boston terriers at that time. As Diesel got older he would start chasing the Boston terriers and jumping on them. Diesel became uncontrollable around them. So everyday was crazy in my house. Nicole Poliseno was very patient and loving with Diesel and he responded to her commands. Once a week Nicole would come to my house and was teaching Diesel with her techniques and he began to learn and so did I. Diesel does not chase them or jump on them, I actually can take pictures of the 3 of them all sitting together. Diesel is a great dog, very loving and affectionate. Thank you so much Nicole!! You're AWESOME!! IF you need an excellent dog trainer. Nicole Rocks!!!!"


  • "When I first started working with Nicole I was on my THIRD trainer! I was at my wits end in tears! She was fantastic! She connected with us instantly! She gave me the tools and confidence I needed to train Gracie our chocolate lab. She came weekly to our home and worked with us one on one and I took that time and worked diligently the entire week with her till next lesson. Each week we would build on what she learned the previous week. I highly recommend Nicole as a trainer. You won’t be disappointed! She gave me so much confidence that we added a second chocolate lab to our family a year after training with her!!!"


  • "Nicole is an amazing trainer who helped me with my mini dachshund when she was a puppy. I was looking to have my puppy learn her basic commands as well as walking calmly on a leash. Nicole delivered! She was very thorough and extremely knowledgeable. As a new dog owner I was lost on where to start. I’m so happy I had Nicole to walk me through the beginning of our journey."


  • "Nicole was very helpful when training my dog,Princess. She taught me how to teach Princess to ring the bell when she has to go out! Amazing! It works!! I hadn't had a dog in 48 years, so having her around is a blessing! She loves what she does, and I recommend her highly."


  • "Nicole is absolutely amazing! There was so many different options for dog trainers that it was a bit difficult to decide but there was something that drew us to contact Nicole and we are thrilled we did! Our puppy Cooper was constantly making in the house, having separation anxiety and flinging himself and the front door, snipping at our feet and trying to go out the door whenever we would leave, he walked us instead of being walked, didn’t understand “no”, how to sit or listen to most anything we said although we knew he was a smart pup! We truly did not believe that our little Cooper could possibly be trained and learn so much in 5 sessions. After our first session with Nicole we knew we had picked the right trainer for us and Cooper. She would thoroughly explain and show us the training activities for the day and take the time to watch both me and my fiancé work with Cooper. She was excellent in ensuring we both understood the proper way to train for each activity and remind us when we were going off course and would lose focus on how to properly handle cooper when he would not listen which is SO helpful because sometimes you don’t notice yourself slipping. 5 sessions later and Cooper having graduated, I cannot say enough great things about Nicole and her knowledge and ability to share and truly help us learn to train our little guy. Like with anything in life you do have to remember to do your homework and practice, practice, practice in between sessions! It is a process and one that Nicole went above and beyond to help us get to the point where our little family is now. 10 stars! You won’t be disappointed! Thank you so much Nicole 🐶🐶🐶"


  • "I loved working with Nicole. She was so sweet and worked with Dakota well. Glad i went through the whole 5 weeks of training."


  • "It was such a pleasure working with Nicole! She taught us valuable tips to get our dog under control in the house and when walking outside. We never wanted to take our Bichon out because he would bark and growl at everyone to a point that was embarrassing to us. But now, we can really take him anywhere! And it’s also much easier having people over at our house, he’s def a much better behaved dog and we’re much happier dog owners!"


  • "It was a pleasure to work with Nicole. She not only trained our two golden retrievers, but she trained our family on the best strategies to use to get our girls to be permanently well behaved and good mannered. Thank you for all your help."


  • "Nicole was amazing with Casey. He really listened to her and became a much better obedient puppy! I highly recommend her."


  • "Nicole was recommended by our neighbor, after we observed what a terrific job that she did with their dog. We could not be more pleased with Nicole inasmuch as she taught us how to control our rambunctious Carson-a pit/terrier mix. Nicole is extremely knowledgeable about dog behaviors. However, she is excellent at teaching us, the humans, what we need to do to keep our lovable pets under control. My husband and I could not recommend Nicole more highly."


  • "It was amazing that in 4 weeks Ivy was responding so well to my commands and enjoying it. I would recommend better together to anyone as I walk my dog as they see me doing lessons as I walk her"


  • "Nicole was a pleasure to work with. She was patient with Teddy and me! I learned a lot and will continue to keep working with Teddy"


  • "Nicole is an incredibly attentive woman, who dedicates her time to helping you harness the relationship between you and your four legged friend. Letting you lead the way. She has really helped me unlock the silent language we all share with our dogs. I am extremely thankful for her hard work and dedication. She has helped train my dog to a loyal and obedient companion!"


  • "I am not a person who leaves reviews, but this is a must. Our beautiful German Shepherd puppy came to us at 12 weeks old. We knew we needed to be taught how to properly train him, so we called Nicole. We are a home with many people coming and going of all ages. We love company, and the kids love having friends over. A well trained dog was a must and that is exactly what Nicole taught us. she taught us how to teach our dog to sit, stay, come, walk on leash, recall, and go to "his place" when needed. She also taught him how to fetch the ball, bring it, drop it and leave it, so we can throw it again. We also wanted to train him to do his "business" in the yard behind the trees and only in the mulch as opposed to the grass. To this day, he only goes in the mulch and we never have to worry about the kids playing in the grass. We highly recommend Nicole and your dog would too!! Thank you Nicole!!"


  • "Nicole was a great trainer and very patient even when my puppy was difficult. I was so proud when he graduated!"


  • "10/10 would highly recommend Nicole! Our mini dachshund puppy Enzo was taking over our household. When Nicole came she educated us on how this stubborn dog needed to be trained. She taught us everything from sit, stay, recall, place, you name it. She answered any questions we had at any given time. Do not hesitate to hire Nicole as she is absolutely amazing, you will not regret it. The puppy/dog graduation ceremony and certificate was the cherry on top!"


  • "Nicole has helped us tremendously! I own a 6 month old Cocker Spaniel named Sophie. She was given to me by a family who could no longer look after her. She was not potty trained and needed a lot of guidance! I knew I had to get her trained. Nicole gave us an Obedience Training package that was affordable and comprehensive. She came every week, was very flexible with scheduling, provides treats and a training collar amongst other things to work with. She checked up on us through text/calls and taught us so much. I felt very comfortable learning from Nicole and Sophie did too. She taught me how to assert myself as a pack leader and Sophie is potty trained and set up for success at home! Thank you Nicole we really appreciate the work you did."


  • "I gave a 5 star rating because working with Nicole was a great experience...She trained our labrador retriever, Bella, around 10 weeks old...she was so well trained, she never jumped on anybody, she never ran off, she listened to her commands, and everybody talks about how wonderful she was…and what I like is that Nicole trains both dogs and owners 😂… I highly recommend Nicole!"


  • "after contacting better together dog training our trainer reached out to us and we set our first appointment. things work out terrific and it was a pleasurable experience working and learning with her"


  • "I have a 9 month yellow lab Nicole worked with her for two 6 week sessions. I could not believe the change in my puppy and I am so happy with Nicole she is kind, compassionate and has a lot of patience I highly recommend her for anything she can work with you and your pet to address any issues."


  • "Working with Nicole was a total pleasure. She was super nice and friendly. She was very accommodating to the schedule I needed. She had instant results on day one. She not only teaches our fury friend what to do but she also educates the trainer and what they need to do. I will definitely be recommending and reusing Nicole for further advance training."


  • "I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this 5 wks of training. Willow is doing so well with her weeks after and I would recommend Better Together Training to everyone I know."


  • "Nicole did a great job mainly with my husky (Luna) who at the time was just a few months old. Before Nicole, walking my husky and my goldendoodle at the same time was very hard to do. However with Nicole’s help walking both dogs at the same time became much easier. The lessons given to my puppy Luna were even beneficial to my older goldendoodle who would tag along during my puppy’s lessons. Also Nicole helped to provide strategies that worked well in regards to potty training my new puppy Luna. Nicole is a very good trainer."


  • "We can’t thank Nicole enough for the work she has done with our dog. Her expertise in dog behavior was truly impressive. Despite our Benji being only four months old with a short attention span, Nicole showed us how he could become a well-behaved puppy at home, on walks, and during grooming sessions. Right from the first day, she taught us how to distinguish between our puppy's needs and tantrums. She guided us through house-training, leash training, and basic obedience commands with great patience and enthusiasm. I would wholeheartedly recommend Nicole to anyone looking for a reliable and knowledgeable personal dog trainer. Thank you so much, Nicole, for making our classes so memorable!"

    Anna & Adam

  • "Nicole was recommended to me by my neighbor who was having her puppy trained with much success. Nicole started training my 5yr Siberian Husky to walk better on leash, sit,stay, and come commands. After 6 visits to my home which was so convenient, she was much better in all these areas and Nicole truly has a passion for our fur babies."


  • "Nicole is an excellent trainer! I hired her to train my 6-month old golden retriever. Her professionalism shows with great results! Part of training is not just for the animal, but the owner too. Nicole’s skills, patience & knowledge of animals are reflected in those results. My golden remains one of the best behaved dogs at home, with people and at the dog park . I highly recommend her services!!!!!"


  • "Nicole’s name was given to us and it was the best phone call we ever made. In five sessions we had a pup that went from rambunctious to an excellent listener willing to learn. He loved learning and was fast to respond. We loved Nicole’s praise as a reward over treats for reward. Taking a 5 min break when needed with the “ok” command still works with him. We dreaded leash walking, as he was jumping at us and the leash and really scaring us because he was getting stronger. We learned how to re- focus him and the” heel” command, which is way more than just a word. Nicole kept re-enforcing the fact that we should enjoy our walks and they would be relaxing and enjoyable. They are getting there!! She recommended the proper collar which worked like a charm. She basically trained us to practice , be patient and not to let our dog be in charge!!! Very easy to happen. Cannot say enough about Nicole. She is super knowledgeable, calming, and leads with trust and confidence . Her years of experience and love of her work are a winning combination! She is available for ongoing help and support as well. No questions are silly. She had a solution and suggestion for you to take away and resolve whatever it is. Our boy is a true pleasure. He was a very smart boy willing to learn. He would have been wasted if we did not learn the proper way to raise him. He would have been robbed of all the happiness he has in his life and we would have been robbed of all the happiness he brings us. Dogs take work and time, very much like kids. It’s a constant work in process. But you need to have someone help with it ."

    Ed & Sue

  • "I cannot begin to thank Nicole enough! We have a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog who is 110 lbs and not even 10 months old. He is a very good dog but was starting to pull on every walk and we were having issues with mouthing and “acting up”! I was getting very nervous that if I didn’t get the right style of training that I was going to end up with a huge dog that I had no hope of getting under control. From my first phone call with Nicole (she knew his breed and their characteristics) I knew that she was exactly what I needed. She worked with not only myself but my 3 young daughters in training not only our dog but US! At times I was nervous that I didn’t have what it was going to take to get the job done but Nicole reassured me every time and we were able to adjust certain methods that worked for us all. We are all so much happier now. Everyone is shocked when they see my small daughters walking this big dog with ease!"


  • "I want to take this time to thank Nicole for the time, love, experience and patience she invested with us. Our dog is almost four years old and about 12lbs. He is half bichon and chihuahua. She helped us understand that he is scared of everyone and everything so out of that fear he tries to attack anyone that (he does not know) comes too close to him or us. He’s terrified of other dogs, but Nicole has taught us how to correct him when he attempts to attack other dogs or people, which was the main reason that we seeked her specialty. Our dog is still a work in progress, but I know that he has come a long way since we started just a month and a half ago."


  • "Nicole was an absolutely wonderful, effective and efficient dog trainer. We got a new pup, a 65 pound hound mix, with a lot of anxiety! He became part of our family right away but the whole family was becoming frustrated with his lack of discipline. We tried a couple different methods of training, with no real progress. My husband and I were becoming concerned with his "wild energy" with our 2 young girls. Nicole was patient and kind with us and the kids and also to the point about the training we ALL needed. She trained our pup, and also all of us! There was immediate results with his behavioral improvements! We can't thank Nicole enough and we would 100% recommend using her services."


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